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SQLizer's Python SDK

Our Python SDK is an open source python libaray that provides programatic access to the SQLizer API to python clients

Our Python SDK can be added to your projects via the pip command:

pip install sqlizer-io-client

Your python application can then initiate a file conversion like this:

import sqlizer

sqlizer.config.API_KEY = '{API-KEY}'

with open('example.xlsx', mode='rb') as file_content:
    converter = sqlizer.File(file_content, sqlizer.DatabaseType.MySQL, sqlizer.FileType.XLSX, 'example.xlsx', 'my_table')

The arguments passed to the sqlizer.File function call match those on the https://sqlizer.io/api/files/ entity on our REST API. See the API Reference for more information.

The code for this SDK can be found on GitHub at: https://github.com/sqlizer-io/sqlizer-client-py