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SQLizer lets you easily and securely convert Excel, JSON, CSV and other files into SQL databases with table definitions and multiple INSERT statements. We're free for non-commercial use on files with under 5000 rows of data and our paid plans enable you to use our powerful API to build data pipelines that handle billions of rows a day.

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Intelligent Data Mapping

Our conversion engine analyses your files and intelligently handles text, numeric, decimal and date data types to ensure your database tables are set up to be efficient and lighting fast.

For more information on how our conversion engine works, checkout our help section .

Enterprise Grade Security

SQLizer is HTTPS-only, with all converted files kept in secure storage, encrypted at rest and automatically deleted within 48 hours (7 days for signed-in users).

During this period users can choose to manually delete files as soon as a conversion completes if they prefer. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Powerful API

Our REST API enables you to push data into relational databases as part of your big data analytics or BI pipeline.

With our paid plans, there's no limit on the number of files you can convert, the size of those files, or the number of concurrent conversions you can run.

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