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SQLizer API Reference

SQLizer has a REST API which allows clients to upload, convert and delete files from our servers.


All requests made to the API must include a HTTP Authorization header containing your API key so we can identify who you are. Your API key can be found on the account page. There you can also generate new APIs or remove old ones.

The HTTP header should begin with the value "Authorization: Bearer " with your API key following immediately afterwards. For example:

Authorization: Bearer {API-KEY}

Our API consists of the following endpoints:

POST /api/files/

Used for creating a new file entity on our servers. Read More...

GET /api/files/{ID}/

Used for querying the status of a single file entity. Read More...

POST /api/files/{ID}/data/

Used for uploading the contents of a file to the file entity on our servers. Read More...

PUT /api/files/{ID}/

Used for updating a file entity.

DELETE /api/files/{ID}/

Used for deleting a file entity.